Kitchen is not just another room, but a place of the Divine, Anna Devta (God of Food). It is there, where every mother is remembered and every newly-wed begins her new life. All it requires to master the arts of reaching men’s heart is great food and great cooking harmonized by a great kitchen.

This is where we come in. With the perfect picks that regard our customary values and beliefs and at the same time enhance your living standard and quality of life. Simply, Auspice modular kitchen is the world class prescription for the time-honored Indian culture.

With a wide range of products, we craft not just the dream kitchens of the home-makers, but also cater to retail customers, service industries, hotels, industrial projects, hospitals, public utilities, entrainment hubs, shopping malls, corporate offices, airports and other discerning audience.

Our belief is simple. From nuts and screws to draw and cabinets, every elements in the kitchens needs to be in harmony with each other. That’s what our products are based on that’s how some great kitchens are built. After all perfections is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

We foresee a phase of developing healthy and enduring relationship with the consumers, providing high quality, long-lasting yet cost effective solutions, with a complete after-sale service package. If there’s something greater than our kitchen, then it must be your satisfaction as a customer.
In home Design Visit
By visiting you at home, we can get a real feel of your ideas, suggest a few of our own, find out what does and doesn’t work to help you create the perfect kitchen to fit into your family’s life. We would take in the right measurements which would help us design your kitchen.
On basis of the measurements we would work out a few options for you, so that it will be easier for you to select your perfect kitchen.
All In-quote
After selection, we will give you a quote, which will be a whole job, including the cabinetry, electro-domestic appliances, worktop and full kitchen installation.
Technical Survey
Once you’re 100% happy with your kitchen designs, we’ll arrange a full technical survey. Our surveyor will come along and double-check all measurements assess things like pipes, plumbing and electrics and generally make sure there are no visible problems with your existing kitchen. In short, they’ll do everything possible to make sure that, when we get to kitchen installation, there are no problems.
Depending on the finish of the kitchen the deliveries would vary, we’ll deliver your new kitchen at the agreed time. These deliveries would be free of charge.
The new kitchen will then be fitted by fully trained Gas Safe registered kitchen installers, who have vast experience of our kitchens and are experts at keeping disruption to a minimum. They’ll respect your home, get the job done as efficiently as possible and can usually install a kitchen from start to finish in just a few days and for that extra piece of mind our kitchens come with a year installation guarantee.
After Sales and Guarantee
We want to make sure that you’re totally happy with the result, that’s why we provide a free, comprehensive after-sales service for a year, after which you could sign-in on an AMC with our services. If you are likely to face any problem with the units or appliances we would replace it free for you (Only if it is a manufacturing defect). Auspice Kitchens offers a 10 year guarantee for all our cabinets which are termite treated.
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